Application for Continuing Education Approval (Ethics Hours)

TCA sponsors its divisions and chapters by authorizing them to use TCA’s continuing education provider number so that they may offer a variety of CE programs and events. Applications are reviewed by a team of professional counselors to ensure the program complies with the criteria set forth by each regulatory body.

If you are a TCA division or chapter, please complete the application below to request co-sponsorship of your program or event and use of TCA’s CE provider number.Submit a separate application for each program offered. A multi-program event requires a separate request for each program.

  • 1-3 programs: Submit applications no less than 30 days prior to event
  • 4-10 programs: Submit applications no less than 60 days prior to event
  • 11+ programs: Submit applications no less than 90 days prior to event

NOTE: This application is for ETHICS programs ONLY. All other programs must be submitted using the General Hours Form.

Chapter and Division CE programs MAY NOT directly conflict with major TCA events and/or leadership meetings. 

Submitter Agreement

By submitting this application for continuing education co-sponsorship, I certify that it is in accordance with the process set forth in Section II. Administration, Part E. Use of TCA Continuing Education Provider Number of the TCA Governance Manual. 

I understand that applications must be submitted for review as listed in the details above. 

I understand that a division or chapter receiving approval of TCA's continuing education provider number for co-sponsorship is required to use TCA's online event registration system. I understand that TCA retains twenty percent (20%) of the total program or event registration fee.

I understand that revenue will not be distributed to a division or chapter until all attendance rosters signed by program attendees and a sampling of program evaluations are returned to the TCA office. All attendance rosters and program evaluations MUST be completed and returned to the TCA office within 10 business days of completion of the sponsored program. 

***If you do not receive an email confirmation upon pressing the Submit button, your program has not been received and you MUST resubmit.***